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How SculpSure® Works
• SculpSure® employs advanced laser technology. Using a specific wavelength of 1060nm, the laser has a particular affinity for fat tissue. This energy targets the fat cells, heating them to destroy them. These destroyed fat cells are then naturally metabolized and eliminated by the body, reducing the number of fat cells.
• Compared to other fat reduction methods, SculpSure® requires no surgery or recovery time. It delivers significant fat reduction results without disrupting your normal life and work.

Treatment Features
• Highly targeted, capable of addressing fat in multiple areas
• Non-invasive, requiring no surgery or recovery time
• Safe with long-lasting results
• Quick procedure, taking only 25 minutes
• Can simultaneously treat up to four small areas
• Each session can reduce up to 24% of fat

Suitable For: 
SculpSure® is suitable for anyone looking to address localized fat deposits, including:
• Those battling stubborn fat regions like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms
• Individuals seeking non-invasive means for weight loss and body sculpting
• Those who have successfully lost weight but wish to further enhance their body contour

Treatment Details
Duration: 25 minutes
Recovery Time: No downtime required
Recommended Sessions: 1-3 times, depending on individual needs
Relief from Discomfort: A cooling system ensures comfort during the procedure